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Rockville Restaurent and Bar

Plan Beach Road
CBD Belapur

Red Consulting Agency

Rockville : This is one of the most happening pub in Belapur off Palm beach road, one of the most busiest and also scenic road of Navi Mumbai. It has three areas with café alongwith area for Live performance, Restaurant with fine dining feel and Lounge area alongwith central bar which helps divide the area without any formal division but only visual. The place is most preferred by Rock enthusiasts and live music lovers in Navi Mumbai. Since we had to design this place keeping in mind three different areas without any formal division, with different look in terms of Finishes, furniture as well as lighting as requirements for Café, Restaurant and Lounge are radically different. Also the care to be taken to make sure they don't create any visual or physical disturbance to each other as even the crowd is different.